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Frank, you and everyone else bring up some good points here.

Since I have no dependants, I pay higher taxes for schools then those who have 6-10 kid (big familes in Utah).

If i pay off the Mortgage, my taxes go up, since I would lose the Mortgage interest deduction.

So it seems that there are some of us in the USA who bear a greater burden for taxes then those who actually use the services.

Here's a link to the Tax freedom day

Tax Freedom Day - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Keep in mind that that is just federal taxes, some taxes are compunded, meaning you pay the Federal tax, then there is a sales tax on the money you have already been taxed on.

If you add up all of the taxes it is more than 50% of your income. And the government is bankrupt?

Makes me really angry when I read that huge corporations like GE paid no taxes last year!

Makes living under a bridge and riding a bicycle sound better all the time.
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