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Originally Posted by Old Mechanic View Post
As I said earlier it would take some serious work to just get a decent estimate of all the taxes you pay. The fought the revolution to stop taxation on taxation. Today's best example is a pack of cigarettes, which in VA you pay sales tax on the total cost per pack which is probably 87% tax already. A bottle of booze costs about $1 to produce, all the rest of the money you pay is tax. Christ (haven't heard anything from Him lately) in a restaurant today they are charging $2 for a glass of soda. The tax on that is 20 cents, probably more than the soda cost the restaurant in bulk dispensers.

Never forget we live in a country that is run so stupidly that they loose money manufacturing money itself. A penny costs more to make than it is worth. They should not exist in today's economy, just another gubmnt boondoggle.

Here's a better example of the rate of taxation, taken directly from my latest phone bill:

Monthly charge for dial tone 15.80
Verizon local calls 2.88
Current charges subtotal $18.68

Taxes, Fees and Other Charges
Federal Excise Tax .80
NY State and Local Sales Tax 2.44
911 Surcharge 1.00

Verizon Surcharges and Other Charges and Credits
Federal Universal Service Fee .92
NY State and Local Tax Surcharges 1.52
FCC Line Charge 6.38

Total Taxes, Fees and Other Charges $13.06

Total Charges... $31.74

I am paying $13.06 in tax on a bill of $18.68. Do you realize what percentage of the entire bill is tax?

If not, use your calculator and tell us the rate of tax levied on this bill.

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