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Thanks for the comments.
Diagonal bracing might be better but would make the floor more problematic. The cattle panel floor will add a great deal of rigidity It is 4 gauge about 5mm thick steel wire, every 6" or less there is a cross wire that is welded. I plan on cutting them to fit then weld every end into the inner frame. I have a dozen of them on the farm. The trailer is mig welded together.

357, yep the trailer is a light duty unit. Two hundred pounds of wood isn't that much to look at and probably won't fill the trailer for more than one thickness of wood. The motorbike can't pull that much weight up the grades. If the trailer pulls apart or otherwise looks distressed it will be modified. I made the slots for the wheels full length so that I could put in 4 wheels but thought that I would try it with two. Figure that each wheel has about 1/3rd of the weight on it. Mountain bike wheels should be able to support close to two hundred pounds at slow speed. I will better be able to assess the rigidity once the panels are welded into the floor.
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