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Depends on the state, though. I pay a couple of thousand, on a place that was valued at about $500K at the top of the market.
MN bills a couple thousand for a place worth $50K.

Private schools routinely educate kids at substantially less cost per student, with better teacher/kid ratios, and produce kids that routinely score better than pub-ed kids on any standardized test you care to mention
I've read that a big part of that- if it's true- is because of the high costs of special needs students, which private schools are free to turn away. Agree with the rest of the post, especially the parts about being penalized for trying to live debt-free and that "temporary" taxes and tax hikes rarely- if ever- go away. The exception that proves that rule is a phone tax that was instituted for some old war decades ago and it only recently went away after a group started rattling some cages about it.

Old Mech's 7/12 and Thymeclock's 100% tax burdens jump out as gross exaggerations when the real tax burden is 28% per the Wiki Tax Freedom Day link.
As one who has gone through my expenses with a fine toothed comb, I can assure you it is one helluva lot more than 28%!

Participation, in one form or another (and I'm not claiming the current participation is anywhere near optimal) was forced on the US by a long series of unprovoked attacks.
BWWAHAHAHAHA!!! And that's all I'm gonna say about that.

...and apologies to Frank about what may have been understood by my use of that word.
No worries; I knew what you meant.

DoD is 18.74%

No, the elephant in the room is our mandatory social spending.
Um, at about one of every five dollars, that one looks pretty elephanty to me. At least with some of that "social" spending one can argue that's what we've been paying for all our working lives, so it's there when we need it.

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