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So the latest image is the frame construction to house the rear body section and storage area. I didn’t make as much progress as expected this week, but that’s partly due to some revision work on other parts of the build. Packaging the rear spring damper unit has required some “repositioning” of the frame bars.
I’ve made the front and rear frame sections detachable from the lower “chassis” section. This will make alterations a lot simpler when I work on the bodywork. Initially I will use the C90 rear light and indicators, but I really wanted to do an integral design with car lamps similar to Allert’s bike. Unfortunately there will be so few C90 parts on the finished bike that I feel obliged to keep as many as possible in order to convince authority figures that “it really is a Honda, honest”.

Below is another comparison image, this time with Allert’s bike. When producing this image I was surprised at how low he was able to sit without a custom frame design. This gives me hope that I might pass the 200mpg mark also.

Project 100 link
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