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Note for those in countries that don't drive on the right side of the Road, I do drive on the right side of the road (please watch out for me if I travel to your country) So Drivers side is "Left" and Passengers side is "right" in this post.

Speeds: side roads 35MPH Pulse, 20 MPH Glide (as per SGII) Main road 55 mph Cruise then glide down overpass to turns +- 1 MPH for all videos except end of 55 mph glide.

Base Drivers Side

Drivers side inner fender well

Passangers side

Modified Passengers side inner fender well (using Factory parts) (photo is upside down)

Drivers Side Setup 1

Drivers Side video 1

Drivers Side Setup 2

Drivers side Video 2

Passangers side Setup 1

Passengers side side Video 1

Passangers side Setup 2

Passengers side side Video 2

Let me know what I screwed up, could have done better, etc. This is my first tuft test.

I have my Ideas on results, but am not going to state them here YET (as not to taint your opinions of the results).
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