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Side vent in center of frame is ducted to intercooler, which then dumps its heated air out of the vents pictured in the my wheel well. From the factory the air just had to make its way out of the cracks, this mod pulls intake air temps down about 5f closer to ambient.
Trailer hitch imprint is aftermarket and unintentional.

That Camera is Awesome it is a GoPro Motorsports Hero 1080p I had it in lower quality 720p, which is nice, because it shots super wide, which helps when there is no view finger.
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I had a golden opportunity to be a Reseller of them and passed it up, big mistake.

I'm not following you on the tuft/ camera placement, maybe a paint over one of my pics?

P.S. Here is the mod that bumped up testing (here test fit in dark) hopefully it fills the wake behind the front wheel a little, but it is mainly for appearance.
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