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Morning again: I see two problems with the Honda 90 powerplant:

To sit up as your sketch shows, you will need something like 15 hp to go 70 with any kind of normal winds and/or hills. I guess you could hot rod your 90 to get 15 hp but then consider the following:

Our experience in the States in Vetter Challenges is that the air cooled motors 180-230cc have the power but they are working so hard and get so hot that they need to have water sprayed on their hot spots just so they don't seize in the Challenge. You gotta carry a lot of water for a 100 miles trip.
Unless you plan to stick the engine out front, Morgan 3 wheeler style, streamliners need to be liquid cooled. If you can get the new Honda CBR 125 you would have a much better chance, I think of reaching your goals. If Honda sold the CBR 125 in the US, I would get one and streamline it.
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