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Less IS more!
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I was offered a Nash-Healy for $400.
I was in high school but was tinkering and helping out a buddy with a Model A. No money of course.
A kooky kind of guy who lived in a train wagon spanning a small creek was selling me TWO, yes TWO Amphicars, a friend and I opened the rear hood to examine the condition of the engine, the car had been sitting for a while and the owner had put a blanket over the engine. Wasps had built a huge nest in it. We opened the hood and I think I won some type of race that day. My friend wasn't so lucky as he fell and snapped a finger.
Way back, when Morgan came out with the Plus 8, I ordered one from Metro Motors in Windsor.$2800.00 but before delivery I found the car that I really wanted then for $1800.00....a MG TD and I cancelled and lost my deposit. Guess what that Morgan is worth today?
I won't talk about the aluminum bodied Jaguar XK120...only a few built......I guess I loved the automobile form all my life.
I'll tell you one thing though, even though I'm black and blue from kicking myself I am really enjoying my Freeway:
Less IS more !

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