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Originally Posted by mcrews View Post
yeah, I figured those charts on exhaust od size on the honda vx shut you up. Now mr 'bolt on" is an expert in air flow.

The trick here on THIS forum(as opposed to the 'boy racer bolt-on forums') is to contribute factually to the discussion.

snarky comments only reflect on the poster.
Originally Posted by mcrews View Post
Well, gee, let's post has abosolutely no value to the discussion..... your point, again is what????

And weather you like my comment or not, it is extrmely relavent to the idea that, gee, maybe those high price engineers know what they are doing??

Where as your comment is intended to be personal. period.
How did that first comment add value? To me you just come of as a frustrated bully with a keyboard. I posted up to defend a member with a thought he posted. Now you are jumping on my case for posting.
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