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Fuel line on pasenger side firewall has a rust problem at the anchor point. The smell of gas when running the fan is a tip off.

Brake lines need an eyeballing in rusty climes, and fluid should be changed ~ 3yrs.

EGR and its mainfold need cleaning if low rpm jerking presents itself.

Auto down window switch is fragile, handle with care.

Oil pan (magnesium) drain threads are VERY FRAGILE. Install Fumoto F106N quick drain, torque to 25 ft/lbs.

OEM Seat covers are crap. Go aftermarket, Wet Oakies, COSTCO, etc.

Consider buying a grid charger to extend HV battery life ($???), see

Cats (~$1,200+ new) can be rebuilt for ~ $3-400, about as much as a dealer installed LAF O2 sensor, (5 wire (2000 & 2001 are picky and hard to get) Bosch aftermarket available for ~ $175). Mufflers and pipes are bulletproof, but heat shields rust and rattle on both cats... use stainless hose clamps m'friend.

Lube window channels every fall with Shin Etsu or equal.

Tires Bridgestone RE92's 165/65/14 best by far for mileage, at 50psi. Inner & outer edges will wear at this pressure (looks like an underinflated tire presentation), WHY...damned if anyone knows.

Bottom center motor mount will be cracked with age. Replace ~$75.

Rear shocks are big$$$, can be replaced with Monroes and and little engineering.

Tranny ISB is a low growling sound in first or reverse under power. Goes away in higher gears or if you turn up the radio. Second gear syncros a weak point.

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