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Originally Posted by autogyro View Post
Sigh.. It's really sad, no make that pathetic, to watch a good thread disintegrate. Speaking only for myself, I think it would be good for all of us, whether we are capable of knowing the difference between stongly held views (which is to be encouraged) and abuse, (which is not) to lay off and show the rest of us some class.

Agreed, in full.

Back to air curtains: How about a combination chin splitter+air dam+air curtain?

Elliptical air dam extends down vertically from bumper and laterally to fair front wheels, chin splitter/undertray comes forward horizontally from engine bay to intersect air dam, and stagnation point intake in air dam feeds some cooling air to radiator, but also feeds lateral channels between air dam and car body to feed exit slots of air curtain by leading edges of tires.

Wish I could draw and post this idea, as my description above surely is lacking in clarity.
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