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Forgot about the wet seatbelt/damp floor issue, caused by leaks in the A to B
pillar trim over both doors . Will cause mold & musty smell. PITA to fix.

CVT tranny as "judder" issues caused by dirty fluid, if you are lucky. CVT fluid is pricy and requires a lot for a flush. CVT clutch pack is a less likey issue and more easily fixed.

The bad ground cables are more likely to cause IMA issues & random dashboard lights to pop than 12 volt starter issues. Two cables under the airfilter and the battery ground cable which corrodes internally.

Make sure the 12v battery is in good shape, the car really does not exercise it very well. Will cause issues similar to the ground strap problems.

Use 0w20 or 5W20 oil, 2.5 quarts, don't overfill.

Coolant fill is another PITA that must be done correctly, or no cabin heat.

The HV battery may last ~10 years, if used everyday. It will die a lot sooner if the car sat on a dealers lot for an extended period.
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