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Originally Posted by Polar View Post
I don't think so, unless Matthias Wehrle is Andre Pötzsch' pseudonym. The former is from the Black Forest region in SW Germany, the latter lives near Dresden, in ex-East Germany.
Strange that they both claim a 40 PS engine - which at least hints at deactivating one cylinder in Wehrle's car as well.

I happen to have exchanged a couple of e-mails with Matthias Wehrle last year, and apart from the overinflated tires, his Lupo is more or less showroom stock.
Then what does he mean by permanent 41 PS (= 41HP)

Far from the stripped down spielerei Andre Pötzsch is engaged in.
That Spielerei saw him reduce the car weight by 1/8th though
That's got to show up in his fuel record - if there is one.

If Hägar can't be cured, I'm thinking of getting an eco up! Blue Motion on CNG, and strip it down to a 2-seat commuter.
Then add an extra gas tank - if that's allowed for - to increase the range.
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