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I just got home from a one week road trip.
Unfortunately, I had an evil tire w a horrible wobble which wore me down on the last day of the trip until I could do something about it.

So yesterday, I go to my local nationally known tire shop chain, get the LOSER tire identified, and have it replaced.

The person servicing my car was younger, but I know he works there daily, and has been there at least two yrs. or so.

I get home, which thankfully is only 2-3 miles from tire shop.

I go to adjust their 32psi to my 41-42, when I see the valve stem is not at all even in it's 3 inch window pane in the hubcap, but it's bent over, pinched and pinned behind the next section of hubcap!

On my car, (this is the CRX) all four lugnuts must be totally removed for the hubcap to move an inch anywhere!

I do now have a fine floor jack, and have used a star wrench for yrs., so my fix was no big deal, but a non car person would never have noticed anything, until the stem would have eventually been cut off, leaving a miserable roadside event inevidable!

It just makes you wonder!

At least a half dozen times in my life; I've had to fix at home some boner that a place charging me mucho bucks an hr., that at supposed to be professionals; just blow it!!!

Some of you must have your horror stories as well!

Unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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