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Hello, from my side, I successully started the controller you seen in my qfp sodering video above. It use a stm32f103 and run the stm FOC library. I am really impressed by the smoothness of the motor rotation with FOC control, even at very very low speed. Habitually with brushless hub motor and associed made in china controller, there is a lot of electromagnetic noices and a lot of vibration, particularly at low speed.

Here a small video of my test, but in french

Phase current consign is 20A, and the second motor on the test bench has its 3 phase shortcircuited, to have a big load on the first motor. On the scope you can see the current of one phase, it's a very clean sinusoidal current !!!

And there is no noice and no vibration, very impressive because with high torque and very low speed, below 50rpm !!
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