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Originally Posted by slowmover View Post
Pickup trucks tend to have large mirrors. Using them well is skill acquistion consisting first of proper posture, and second of proper mirror adjustment. Seeing through the back glass is optional, at best if one has serious need of a pickup truck. With a set of Multivex aspherical overlays on the outside mirrors, turning one's head becomes the dangerous maneuver. I had them on my last truck and they were a revelation.

Visibility through a cap (or any load, especially a tall trailer) is irrelevant to pickup ownership.

One should train to be able to back into any space with the solo truck using only the outside mirrors. Practice.
That's a good point. I am new to pickups; my last car was a Jeep Grand Cherokee SE, and a Chevy Cav before that. My mirrors see well enough that I don't really need to turn my head to confirm, but it's a force of habit, just to make sure, I guess. And rear visibility certainly wouldn't be a deal breaker for me if I were going to buy an Aerolid, which I would if I had the money and if they were available for my truck. Maybe by the time I've graduated college, both of those will have happened (hopefully!)
But back to your point, I probably would learn to trust the mirrors and stop turning to check if that time comes. My mirrors are big enough that side blind spots are just about non-existant.
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