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Welcome to ecomodder pryan37bb.

Thanks for your input on the Aerolid. You are right on about the lack of rear visibilty. Lexan would be a good material to use. Safety glass is best.

One problem with increasing the size of the back window is torsional flex. In a perfect world one would always close the roof of the Aerolid by pulling down on it at the rear center only. But we not not live in a perfect world and the roof will be closed by pulling down on one side or the other causing the roof to twist. This would snap a cold peice of lexan. I have a design for a larger rear glass plane to be made from flat safety glass but it will cost thousands for the vendor to tool up to produce it.

It would help aerodynamics to extend the roof of the Aerolid aft. The new extension box that sets on the open tailgate does just that. I have tuft tested the extension and the air seems to remain attached all the way back. I include a link to a video of the tuft testing on youtube.

slowmover I do need to get that led sign to read out 25 MPG, 25 MPG, 25 MPG, 25 MPG ............

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