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That would be reason to evaluate your code and see if there are any optimizations that can be done, any old school tricks to eliminate instructions in the compiled code. May need to dig into the compiler to see if there any optimizations that can be leveraged there.

I'm not sure you will need the 64 bit data, you could get more than .1 variation from a signal (timing, weak/faulty unit, etc), so having resolution beyond one decimal may not be helpful and in this case detrimental to other features desired.

BTW, I just got my *duino and display. So, I'll get to assemble it and do my "Hello World" test. Something to do this weekend!

Also, I was thinking of putting together a simple circuit, something based on a few 555/556 chips to provide a generator for test signals (static injector and VSS pulse trains) to allow bench testing of the code without having to deal with the connect issues. I don't have a scope, so I'll have to rely on just the math for the apparent frequencies and pulse widths. Unless anyone has any other ideas...?

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