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Thyme, you seem to read more into my posting than was intended. You and Frank have had long running debates on several subjects on several threads now - maybe you could go via PM which was my idea. You like to engage in this. I'm not sure where I attacked you.

I have asked about this thread being closed. I did suggest elsewhere that we have a place where these arguments could go and I would be happy to debate you in a none "chronic whining" way but the majority of the board suggested not.

So I respect that. Maybe you could to.

I've come to the conclusion that in fact the key issue is you and your ideas around debate. It seems that anyone suggesting anything outside your tiny and enclosed envelope of belief becomes someone who is just engaged in "chronic whining", whereas Frank just puts it out there "Frankly".

So to be honest, just bog off - there's a good chap.

(BTW you can tap a reply, but being 9 hours ahead, I'm off to watch Spooks and sleep - enjoy )
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