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Originally Posted by nlc View Post
Hello, from my side, I successully started the controller you seen in my qfp sodering video above. It use a stm32f103 and run the stm FOC library. I am really impressed by the smoothness of the motor rotation with FOC control, even at very very low speed. Habitually with brushless hub motor and associed made in china controller, there is a lot of electromagnetic noices and a lot of vibration, particularly at low speed.

Here a small video of my test, but in french

Awesome stuff! I thought about using the STM32 stuff but obviously I've went back to using a dsPIC and starting with Paul's code. The reason for this is that I feel that it is better to teach people about motor controllers and their operation if the source code is out in the open. The microchip code is freely available on their site and soon our code will be too. If anyone is curious how V/Hz works or how field oriented control works then they can look at the relevant code and find out for themselves. They can tweak it and try again to see how it affects the results. The resulting code, at least at first, is likely to not be as good or full featured but it's (I think) more accessible.

Using the STM32 library is certainly a way faster and safer approach (that is, one is less likely to blow something up). I'd recommend it for people who want to make their own controllers with a minimum of fuss. STM32 chips are certainly very nice and one wouldn't go wrong in choosing that path. I'm just interested in the harder, more illustrative path.

Anyway, keep up the good work. It looks very nice so far.
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