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Originally Posted by dcb View Post
Again you suffer a logic fail. Disagreements about efficiency are fine and normal. Those who use an efficiency forum for their personal politics (despite the rules) are leaches and tics and should not be ignored, irregardless if you think they should just be ignored by "productive" members.

Go save some gas, or help someone else save some gas, and accept that you are acting like a leach when you deviate from efficiency discussions to whine political. It isn't that hard to comprehend.
Here is my original post in response to Arragonis, to which you responded insinuating that I am a leech (which you do not know how to spell) or a tick (which you also cannot spell):

Look - having any discussion means that differing opinions must be tolerated and heard.

If this bothers you so much, why don't you simply unsubscribe from the thread and stop reading it? Instead of posting chronic whining about it and pleading for others not to respond as you often do... or worse, playing the game of saying you are leaving, then returning, then leaving again...
Now you get to explain how my comment has anything, even remotely to do with politics. It doesn't and you and everyone reading this can see that there is nothing I said that is in any way political. Yet if you repeat it often enough, you seem to think your big lie will somehow be influential. Unfortunately for you and your buddies, everyone here can read and comprehend English, and see through your smokescreen. To quote your condescending comment "It isn't that hard to comprehend".

This thread topic itself has absolutely nothing to do with efficiency or saving gas. You are off base by insisting that it must. But you and your cohorts will contend that "I" am the problem for responding at all, or responding in kind. Who the hell do you think you are to act in an authoritarian way, telling me what to say or what not to say here?

Get used to it. I play tit for tat. If you are allowed to sling mud, so will I.

Since your fallback mode automatically reverts to being condescending and spouting insults and innuendo, I will tell you the same as I did the antagonistic Arragonis: "Same to you, fella!"

Insults are all you know, and nothing less than the return of them is what you deserve. So bug off and try to bite someone else, Mr. Tick. (And that also goes for your 'attaboy' buddy, the leech named Clev.)
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