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Originally Posted by trikkonceptz View Post
Hey man ... I don't want to knock your enthusiasm here, but with just one tank on your vehicle log, why not master your driving techniques first, then consider modding your vehicle? You'll save the most gas by changing your habits then tweek it with mods ...

It would set up a good baseline and show you exactly how far you can go just by adjusting your driving rather than guessing by adding or deleting many things off your ride right off the bat. JMO, though.

my truck is running on 2x burnt exhaust valves so getting the mpg im getting is pretty good. Before i changed my driving techniques i was averaging 16.5 mpg. I never run the A/C even here in SWFL. My truck lacks in the aero departments big time.
Yes i sell performance parts..... But hey~ they make your engine more effcient so technically im selling "Green" parts.

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