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Originally Posted by round.boater View Post
Could have used one of those tailgate extensions on our road trip this last weekend...
My wife told me I needed to get a recording explaining the lid I went through my shpeal so many times while in the parking lots at Mesa Verde. As always, lots of interest and people asking why ARE doesn't make one.
Hey round.boater,

Good to hear from you. Thank you for keeping up your fuel log. I check it whenever I see you have logged on to ecomodder. Your 2006 F150 with the 4.2 liter 6 cylinder and the manual transmission is rated at 19 mpg by the Department of Energy. Your lifetime average of your truck is 22.21, even counting the time before you got your Aerolid. The math comes out to a 16.9, call it 17% increase in fuel efficiency the Aerolid has afforded you.

The extension box is good for another 6-8% increase in fuel efficiency. That would kick your average up to around 23.37 to 23.75 mpg for an average. Those two times you got 25 mpg in the summer of last year, shows what the Aerolid is capable of by itself in perfect conditions. With the Aerolid extension combination, you may easily see 27 mpg in ideal conditions for freeway travel. That would be an 8 mile per gallon increase over the DOE rating for your truck.

I still intend to get you one of the aero extender boxes but I have some fastening geometry to work out first. Thank you for your patience. As always, thanks for getting out there and talking to people about the Aerolid who come up to you and ask about it. You may want to take your wife's advice. I have the same thing happen. I get emails almost every week from people who would like to buy one. Again, the greatest hurdle for me to produce the Aerolid is money.

To chase venture Capital or talk to maufacturers futher, like ARE, I must get my Patent issued. Without it, I have zero leverage. It has been a battle. The Patent Office is basically denying all kinds of Patents so they can generate more income from Inventors who have to re-file to keep thier Patent Application alive.

This is what I had to do. Being out of work since April, with no unemployment, those duplicate $250.00 an hour Attornies fee's are gouging and his rates are lower than most. My Patent application is still pending and hopefully since the new Patent Reform bill was signed into Law two weeks ago, there may finally be some due diligence practiced by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Off to paint a house on this beautiful day. Just because I don't have a job doesn't mean I am not working. Again, good to hear from you.

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