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Poll: MPG before and after hypermiling

I would like to conduct a an informal poll to see the MPG benefits people are obtaining from hypermiling.

I'd like to try to limit this as much as possible to gains obtained exclusively through driver technique. I believe most hypermilers will utilize other basic techniques when they start hypermiling, including but not limited to increasing tire pressure, reducing unneeded weight, performing scheduled maintenance, etc. The only thing I wish to specifically exclude are physical mods, such as aerodynamic or engine mods. Additional guages (scanguage, vacuum pressure, etc) are, allowed.

Please list the following information. (feel free to cut and paste)

General info

Car mfgr:
Car model/body style:
Engine size (displacement/cyl):
Transmission type (auto/manual):

MPG info (averages only)

MPG before hypermiling:
MPG currently achieved:


Location of primary driving (country/state):
Miles driven per year:
List all tools/techniques used to achieve current MPG:

Many thanks in advance. Hopefully we can get enough response in this thread to make it a stickey!

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