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Aerocivic - '92 Honda Civic CX
Last 3: 70.54 mpg (US)

AerocivicLB - '92 Honda Civic CX
Team Honda
90 day: 55.14 mpg (US)

Camryglide - '20 Toyota Camry hybrid LE
90 day: 57.22 mpg (US)
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Civic CX

MPG average before hypermiling: 44mpg (winter), 49mpg (summer) in mostly highway driving.
MPG achieved by hypermiling before installing aero mods: 52mpg (winter) 60mpg (summer)

Location of primary driving (country/state): USA/NC
Miles driven per year: 35,000
List all tools/techniques used to achieve hypermiling MPG: DWB, DWL, EOC, RPM's below 2000, max speed 60mph, preferred speed 40-50mph, raised tire psi from 34 to 48.

Since aeromodding my car, my preferred speed is 60-65,mph and am getting 65mpg (winter), 75mpg (summer).
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