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Boat tails and more mods
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(Project) Boat tail-4 Door Sedan VW Mk2 (1990 Jetta GL)

I started building a boat tail on my '90 VW Jetta. The plan is/was to use the Aero templates, both versions, for a true, attached flow boat tail.

Through my measurements, the cars height is 54.5" tall. Giving me a 100% tail length of 194.02" and each 10% on the second template of 19.4" from Max roof camber. So, at 19.4 inches( or 10%), there should be 3.5degree down turn from level. At 38.8"( or 20%) it should be 7.5 degrees, and so on. I had planned on going out to 60% for length/space reasons, and that put me out to 45" from the end of the bumper.
I measured out the elevation drops on the template, and for my height vehicle, the drops are as follows;

10%= .76"
20%= 2.3"
30%= 5.37"
40%= 9.98"
50%= 16.12"
60%= 23.8"
70%= 31.48"
80%= 39.15"
90%= 46.82"

The original lights will be moved to the rear and the third brake light will be mounted as I get the rear window put in. There will be a trunk opening and the old trunk lid and window are removed.

This is not intended as a one time project, to be completely finished when simply fully enclosed. It will be an ongoing project that probably won't end until the car is completely destroyed. It also, probably, will show what NOT to do as much as what to do.

Criticisms and ideas are always welcome.

I did want to note here, as there has been some discussion about finding Max roof camber, that I did it on the car, not the computer. Using a level gauge, I traced from the front of the roof toward the back until the gauge read equal to the floor reading between the front and rear tires. I then did the same thing starting at the rear of the roof and moved toward the front. I took the middle of those two marks as the max roof camber or starting point for the rest of my measurements.

Post two will have updated pics and building material used.


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Boat tail project
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