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Brucepic- the welding, rear seat and window removal, chickenwire, and lights were one day( 10:30am to 7:05pm with a half hour lunch break. Fabric/resin the next day after work. The painting was another day after work( before the rain).

Rokeby- Where can I get one? My favorite Dungeon Master passed recently and forgot to tell us where the last bag of holding that is holding our last cloak was located.

Sven7- No tufting 'till smooth, this is just to get the thread started while I still remember what was going on and when. I chose a more complicated path than your anal Probe( awesome job, by the way!) The bottom is open, right now, but will be worked on tomorrow after work. Going to be aluminum as is the rest of the belly pan.

I've already been questioned by 4 different people if it is an electric car.


It is always very amusing how our imagination is put to the test when overcoming reality. Redyaris
Boat tail project
How to gently bump start during EOC

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