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The Images Thread

Shamelessly pinched idea from other site(s).

The idea is to post an image - nothing else, only one per post and one per person per day.

The image can be anything car, FE, or mod related - your own or someone else's, this site or another - image permissions taken into account of course. You can also include a graph, or an instrument, or a diagram or anything as long as it relates to the ideas of EM.

Images can be made into clickable links to the original site or thread or post, but no words are allowed here. Hopefully the result will be a kind of collage of images relating to the interests of EM members for a period of time.


To make an image clickable, include the [IMG][/IMG] tags and surround them with the [URL]/[URL] tags. Something like


The _s are only in the example above to stop the forum making it clickable, don't include those or even leave a space for them.

[I]So long and thanks for all the fish.[/I]

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