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Originally Posted by CollinK View Post
Just a quick note: I'm working on putting together an AC controller based on preliminary schematics from this project and the source code that Paul had for the project. The source code is currently in a repository under SVN control and I'll post the link once it's operating properly. I'm using the VLA500 based boards that Paul and mrbigh had.

Hopefully I'll have good news in a week or two. I'll put up videos of the whole thing too.
Thank you, Collin for collecting and compiling the works up to this point. I had spent most of the weekend reading through the thread, and was a little disappointed that it looks like the thread has "gone cold". This seems like a very worthwhile project, and if the source is in a (mostly) stable state, I imagine that it won't take long for fixes and enhancements to start coming.

I consider myself to be a likely contributor to the code in the future. While I'm proficient in "C", for real-time, highly mathematical calculations I'm sure it may take a while to get up-to-speed on the project.

I'm thinking of adding support for 6 phases, as (it seems at least) many 3 phase motors can have extra leads added to increase the number of fields. Yes, the hardware will need to be modified, but components can have lower power factors as well. Just thinking out loud mostly here...

Thank you again. I look forward to seeing the project "all in one place".
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