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The resin was about 3 hours and painting was less than an hour( and it shows).

Worked on the belly pan tonight.

Here is the sheet aluminum about to be put on under the frame.

One of the things I found out tonight is that a single layer of fabric will NOT stand up to this winter as I cracked what I have now fairly easily. More layers are in my future.

Left side about to be screwed on, air saw in the background. I used self drilling, hex head screws, as with the rest of the belly pan( benefits out weigh the penalties at this point).

Side view for now.

Tail fully enclosed underneath. I still have a couple panels to put on after the wheels and to enclose the end before I can move on to the floor I'm going to add for cargo/sleeping when camping( similar to the Anal Probe's.

Tonight was another 3 hour tour, and tomorrow night probably will be as well. I'll try to get final angle of the exiting belly pan. There is a small lip at the end to, hopefully, give good separation.

Kind of noisy, at this stage, but better than this morning. I used .23 gallons of gas on the way to work this morning which is on par with some of this summers' runs, but not a record( .2 gallons for the 20.45 mile run). I've been averaging .29 lately. The trip home( after dark) was .44 gallons and I've been seeing over .5 gallons regularly. The cooler weather is seeming to be offset by the tail. MUCH more testing and further finishing will tell the tale.

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