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Originally Posted by MetroMPG View Post
That must be why several old-timers that I know with outboard boat motors will disconnect or shut off the fuel line to the engine -- while it is running -- several minutes before they plan to stop it. Then let it run out and stall when they've docked, with the carb dry. They do this if it's going to be sitting even for a week or more.
Exactly. I'm "on the wrong side of fifty" and I always do this with my snowblowers. They are 50 and 40 years old, respectively. (I bought both of them used and have had each of them for "only" about 25 years.) One had a gas tank that was full of rust and crud when I got it, and I had to put a replacement tank on it.

Some winters are mild and you might only need to use the blower a few times. No matter. I installed a shut off valve in the fuel line and let it run until stalling out whenever I use it. Then I empty the gas tank fully at the end of the season. With the lawnmower I only empty the tank out when putting it away for the winter. You'll never go wrong in doing that.
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