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Originally Posted by Reloadwin View Post
Hello Everybody!! Love this website learning a lot of information on ways to improve my mpgs.
Welcome to ecomodder !

I drive a new to me 1997 Honda CRV 4WD Auto.

It has seen better days. I am bringing the CRV back to life.

Soon will start improving the aerodynamics of the vehicle,

and reading more into HHO generators.
You'll find most of the people on ecomodder to be very sceptic regarding hydrogen generators.

While the principle - adding an easily combustible gas to petrol/diesel and improve the overall efficiency - works, generating that gas (hydrogen) on the go using the very same engine is highly inefficient.
The losses in the engine itself and the alternator driven by the engine are huge. So you can't get as much energy out of burning the hydrogen as what it cost energy-wise to split the water.

Basically : perpetuum mobiles don't exist.

Maybe I will install one and see what mpgs I can get.
I wouldn't waste money & time on it.

My goal is to hit 30mpgs and beyond !!
What engine do you have in the CRV ?

30mpg shouldn't be out of reach by changing your driving style and some minor modifications.

Check out the 100+ Hypermiling / ecodriving tips & tactics for better mpg - and 65+ Vehicle modifications for better fuel economy - .
Some are very easy to do, others are a bit more involved.

The easiest :

- drive slower, but keep the momentum going
- try to stop as little as possible

- increase tire pressure
- block (part of) the (upper) grille , but keep an eye on temps
- remove unnecessary stuff from the car
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