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I really don`t need to calibrate the SG. When I use it, I just target for the best FE ... so it doesn`t matter how wrong the SG numbers are, as long as they are consistent. Besides that, I have an additional lpg tank which the ECU doesn`t know of - so the SG will get data from the gas tank which is always full.

I think that my SG shows me the actual HP that the engine produces, not the % of power used. At idle I get LOD=2, and when accelerating I get LOD to 30-40.
From what I understand, the BSFC says that my engine ( 1.3 gasoline ) is most efficient between 1800rpm and 2200 rpm, so I try accelerating in this range. On highway driving, I get to 3000 rpm - that is the rpm for 65 mph.
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