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Well, since there is renewed interest I'll post an update.

I have some preliminary hardware together and have done some testing today. I also took some video of my setup and how I've been testing. So far no motors have spun. Partly that's because all I have are huge motors and I don't want to start out initial testing with a 67kW monster.

All I have so far is the V/Hz code working. Yes, Paul had that working too but I've totally redone the V/Hz code. I'm having some weird issues with PWM at super low speed but it seems to be working at moderate to high speed. So, today I'll try to find a motor and test with the smallest one I can find. I also could convert the video and post some videos today or tomorrow.

Since things are getting very close with the V/Hz code I'll try to button it up and publish the link to the code very soon (today or tomorrow). Then other people can start messing with it too.

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