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Originally Posted by energymiser View Post
Love to see the video. How have you mocked up the controller? Have you got a completed board? All the best.
I breadboarded the main controller section.

My initial testing is complete. I've still got work to do but I did get a 5HP motor to spin. The motor was a 440V motor and I only had about 90V worth of batteries. 90V DC is equivalent to about 63V AC. So the motor wasn't exactly working very well but it did spin. I also tested with our mammoth 67kW motor. I blew up a driver during that... Whoops... Luckily it was just a gate driver and three diodes and the thing seems to work again.

While testing the 5HP motor all hardware was cool as a cucumber. There was no heating of the IGBTs at all (that I could tell). Everything was working perfectly on that front. It appears as if I'm getting basically no shoot through.

I'm working on a schematic to make a real controller board with more features like current sensing and all that good stuff. The breadboard version does use a hex not buffer so it's not as craptastic as it could be. You might notice that it looks like the dsPIC chip is missing from the breadboard. I messed up the schematic and did the wiring to the chip backwards... so I soldered the chip on the underside of the board. That sucked.

So, as promised, links to both the source code and the youtube video.

revolt-ac-controller - Open ReVolt AC Motor Controller Firmware - Google Project Hosting

I'll keep working on things. Once I work the last few kinks out of the V/Hz code I'll get to work on FOC.
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