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Originally Posted by euromodder View Post
What kind of fuel economy are you getting now, using that truck under the conditions you've set out?
Under ideal conditions, up to 32mpg.
Originally Posted by euromodder View Post
Personally, I'd have some serious objections to driving 2356 miles as a fuel challenge.
Clearly, it's a stunt designed to capture the imagination.

If you just tell someone you're getting "xx.x" miles per gallon, their eyes glaze over. They hear numbers all the time in advertisements and the like.

The trip would represent a doubling of original real world highway fuel economy for this vehicle, and going coast to coast makes it dramatic.

Wayne G obviously recognized the same thing when he set out to do it with his Ford supplied Ecoboost F-150. He likes hypermiling and I like to combine that with a measure of ecomodding for even better results.

I also want people to know that they can get better fuel economy with what they're driving right now, versus Ford wanting you to run out and buy a new truck to get good fuel economy.

I'm hoping to wring even more miles per gallon out of the Red Sled in the future, perhaps even going from L.A. to New York. Maybe farther. It's all a matter of time and cash.
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