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I started working on the rear wall for the tail on Tuesday night and a friend at work started replacing the alternator in his V6 VW Corado. Wound up helping him more than working on my own rig, so I settled for a duct tape/cardboard wall with cut outs for the lights and a hole behind the license plate for light nut access. This will act as a template for the final wall, whatever that might be.

Rear opening with light assembly inside.

You can just barely see the access hole behind the plate. Gray silicone is sealing it for now. The outside is not sealed, I figured that it would help hold the plate in place.

Still using about .23 gallons on the commute to work. Thought I was going to have a record trip this 44 degree F. morning( sub .2 gallons), but ran into traffic on the last 6 miles.

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Boat tail project
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