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The chargers are smart. It seems really slow to me too. I mean, If I'm using 2 115AH batteries in parallel, and 4 of those pairs in series, that's 230AH! Now, I'm no mathematician, but 230/6 = like 40 hours!!! holy cow. But I'll only be driving about 5 or 6 miles a day, so it should be able to recharge over night under those circumstances, and they'll last a long time, since each time I'll only use about 20-40% of the charge in the battery.

Good news. I was subbing in Autoshop today and the teacher came in at the last class of the day (not a single kid in there, since it was Senior Skip day). Well, there were 2 kids, but they "had to go get a drink of water". I think they forgot they were supposed to skip school that day. I told the teacher how my wife and I are working on converting a car to electric (once we get the car). He told me he could supply me with some extra parts if I needed them. I just need to let him know what type of car it will be.

Also found two 99 cent Lovejoy connectors that happen to be just the right size keyway for my motor. Oh, Rapture! Please don't outbid me anyone? Pretty please.
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