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Originally Posted by energymiser View Post
Is that one of those Siemens water-cooled motors that were used in the US postal trucks?
It is one of the Siemens motors from a Ford Ranger EV. It may well have been used in postal trucks too. It's a 1PV5133.

Are you designing your own controller from scratch or is this part of a collaboration between you electronic gurus to come up with a board that the lurkers can buy/build to run their own EV projects? I'm getting closer to being ready to mock up my own setup to play with but I would like to see more of a consensus on what features and components would make the most reliable and efficient controller that would be worth putting in a car. For me, a range of 100km. would make an EV a very useful vehicle and handle most people's daily driving needs.
Well... It's complicated... I am building my own controller from scratch for use in some commercial projects. But, what is or has been open will stay that way. The control software is open, the driver boards are open, and a reasonable control board will be open. Technically Paul had schematics of an earlier design for a control board posted. But, a lot has changed since then. I'm working on schematics and board layout for a newer design. It's based on the schematics which were posted before.

Past that I will be doing some proprietary stuff on top. So, there will certainly be things I'm not open sourcing but there will be plenty of things which are or will be. And, I'm only one piece of the puzzle. There are plenty of people who will hopefully continue the work toward a complete open source AC motor controller.

I think that commercial and open source interests aren't exclusive. I want something I can use and so do many other people. The best way to get there is to work together. In the end I get what I need (a good AC motor controller) and other people also get that same thing. We all win.
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