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If what I've heard is true, the new gas is even worse.

I saw a new (at the time) Honda Valkyrie 6 cyl with 200 mi on it in the service dept at the dealer with the carbs pulled. Turns out they prepped it and then stored it in the warehouse for a couple of months. In that time the carbs were gummed-up enough that they had to be removed and cleaned.

I regularly use Stabil in my gas, but Seafoam also claims to be a stabilizer. I've used Seafoam as a fuel system cleaner, but not as a stabilizer. As a rule, after running my "storage gas" through the cycle I will use a fuel system cleaner on the next tank. I like Techron Concentrate or Seafoam (1 oz per gal), and not the cheap-o "fuel injector cleaners".
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