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Originally Posted by DifferentPointofView View Post
Then come here! We've got a place that takes 5cents a gallon off if you pay in cash! Swifty's, oh, gotta love that place!
ARCO is like that too. Generally, most stores raise prices to force everyone to subsidize their credit card transaction fees...whether you pay in cash or not. The guy with the credit card gets the deal. The guy paying cash is unknowingly getting screwed.

It will be interesting to see what price point gas averages at over its lifespan. Logically, it will never be extremely high (i.e. gold rates) since its use is as a cheap form of energy. The more expensive it becomes, the less demand will exist. The less demand that exists, the less expensive it will become.

The only hope for a graceful transition to alternative energy is if that interplay pans out over a long enough period of time for alternative energy to "catch up." Barring a run to nuclear or coal, I doubt alternative energy can support oil's decline while meeting the world's ever-increasing demand. Something is going to give.

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