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SO!!! I have waded through these 12 pages. I was once a happy homeowner until divorce changed that.
We come into this world w nothing, and will not exit w U-hauls.

I have nothing against those of you who are homeowners. I just think that the more citified of you will feel more pain. The old securities of always safe investments in land, and houses, is slowly but surely turning south.

I would like to own my own place, but it's just not $ wise for me now!

I pay $350 a month to stay in my RV on wooded private land. I'm free to park several vehicles. My roommate (land mate) isn't under the same roof, he's in the Land lord's mobile home.

It was hard to watch my Mom pay $5,000 to redo her roof. I can have a tree branch come through my roof ( I have!) and be able to weather seal it for about $5.

Less can be more, especially when it comes to piece of mind. Debt free living allows you freedom to really live.

How many people would like to take back a smaller home, where they could have actually spent more time w their kids growing up instead of a mind set of constant upgrading?

I've been thinking of how to be more mobile yet when harder times come.

I've been checking out how to custom an enclosed car trailer so that windows, and living quarters could be at the front.
With a small car inside, there would still be room for a few motorcycles as well!

Hmmmmmm!!!!!! Us merkins need to use our heads, not just our hearts.

I took Arra's use of the word as simple slang for American's.

Watch out for big bidness, as Frank puts it. That is exactly what it is, and we don't want to get sucked into that vacuum, do we?

Peace; my brothers; think outside the box sometimes, the air can be very refreshing!

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