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Question 94 Accord EX, 5 speed - Help w/ RPM/MGP

Hello all - -- i've searched some, but haven't had much luck finding a thread to help, so I'm hoping someone has done this and can point me in the right direction. I travel a LOT. Mainly interstates where I like to cruise at 80-85mph, but my Accord is screaming at me and I'm honestly a little worried about longevity of the car as much as I am about my mpg taking a beating. I can average 33 mpg while driving 60-65, but it drops to 27 or less at 80-85 due to turning about 3300 rpms in 5th gear. Is there any hope for this?? I've researched tire sizes and such and really it only seems like I can gain one inch in diameter which won't affect things a whole lot I don't think.

I'd love to change the final gearing, but have no clue in a FWD car -- I can change gears all day long in a RWD car as I used to race dirt track and that was a normal occurance for changing tracks and setups, but the similarities are very few

Any help or advice would be GREATLY appreciated! She has 218k miles and I'd like to keep her running for another 100k or so at least!

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