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My Dad once worked on a team at a military base, that build a ten person bicycle to get around the base, the frame was more like a motorbike frame than a bike frame for tube sizes and wall thicknesses, and they had a serics of gear setups to they could pedal it up to about 50 - 60 MPH!

Considering the Highlander or other such sized vehicle, if you went with a DC Motor - I would think the Siamese twins would be the best approach - made by Kostov as well as others. White Zombie's new 9" Siamese Twin can dump out over 1100 pound feet of torque - might not even need a tranny with this arrangement!

Interesting enough - I have not yet heard of any AC Motors being packaged in a Siamese twin (Tandem) arrangement - must be an issue with the Controller logic challenges! (Inverter matching & sync!)

Ben - did my info on the Lead Acid vs. LiFePo4 batteries make sense financially for your motorbikes next set of cells? (Whitepaper #1, or #2)
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