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Originally Posted by Clev View Post
He can afford it.
Oh? And I could afford to pay $50 for a hamburger. So when I visit a fast food place, should I have to bring my Form 1040, and the counter person will set the price based on my income? Is that fair?

What's your alternative? How are you going to get all of the government services at the federal, state and local level...
How about instead we work on getting rid of some of those government "services"? I sure don't appreciate my money (or even Bill Gates' money) being used to harass medical marijuana distributors in California, pay outside lawyers to defend the indefensible Defense of Marriage Act, or any of a myriad other things the government wastes our tax money on.

And how much should Bill Gates pay to run his 200 foot yacht on the public waterways, since he obviously is using way more than his share of public services?
I don't know. How much does it cost to maintain the waterways? I'm not a boater myself, but I know that around here you have to register boats just like cars, and at least some of that money goes to maintain boating facilities. Which seems pretty fair: those who use them pay for them.
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