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Originally Posted by Joseph Davis View Post
Megasquirts either work well, or have issues.

I am currently having issues with the manner in which Megasquirt controls coil dwell w/ the TFI ignition. Defaulting to 50% duty on the coil signal results in misfiring 4000+ rpms, completely poopy. The Ford intake and coolant temp sensors are not supported by default and if you are paying for the modifications run ~$140 extra for the hardware modifications needed, and then the idle control motor's cold/warm duty cycle routine ends up incorrectly handled so there *is* no idle control.

IMO convert to 89-93 MAF from a Mustang, using one of the A9L ECUs. You can fiddle to your heart's content via the J3 port, and TunerproRT are the things you need to check out on that.
Thanks for the warning.
i'll check it out the A9L.

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