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Originally Posted by Frank Lee View Post
Looks like most everyone in MN is getting mailings from their local skool districts, begging for yes votes on levies. Interesting part is, these mailings (and newspaper "articles" too) never delve into the districts books at all. I wonder what the voters would think if they were presented with data (as opposed to having to take some initiative and find it) that shows the current, about-to-expire levy brings in $310,000... and the superindentent alone soaks up about that much. Think the outcome would be different?
No, it wouldn't. In this area all that information is readily available and easily obtained as a public disclosure. The school budget always passes because most of the people who move here do so for the school system, which is excellent and is heavily subsidized by the large number of business properties in the district. The parents who have children attending school always vote for the budget (which always increases every year) because they are receiving some real benefit for their taxes paid.

In the rare event that a budget is voted down (as occasionally happens in some other districts in the area) they simply reschedule the election until it passes.
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