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Originally Posted by Old Tele man View Post
...SIMPLE answer: MOVE down here to one of the "SNOW BIRD" retiree communitees that are comprised 101% of 55+ white-haired (hence the "snow bird" reference) golden oldies:

SUN CITY...near Phoenix
GREEN VALLEY...south of Tucson
SADDLE BROOK...north of Tucson
FOOTHILLS...west of Yuma.
I'm wondering what these communities you describe will look like in 20-30 years when their predominantly now aging (then aged) population can no longer live independently on their own, due to their advanced age. I get the feeling that if they moved there from places afar, and have no family in the area to interact with, they may have willfully distanced themselves from whatever family they had before their migration.

If a community is only comprised of oldsters who can't live forever (as none of us can), there might be a lot of homes for sale and available for cheap prices in those locales in the not too distant future.
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