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I'm in general agreement with thyme on this one. I have been fortunate to give volunteer vision and medical care to people in rural areas of south and central america. These people didn't have money enough for shoes or a floor in their house. Their children studied by the light of a single lightbulb in the mud (adobe) one room house.

People would walk and ride in buses for care in our clinic. Sometimes traveling 6 hours.

I don't see one patient in my office who doesn't have a pair of shoes. Or who doesn't go to bed hungry. My practice sees all patients in our area. If you have public aid then ok If you don't have money then ok. I see illegals.

I hear that there is larger difference than ever between the richest and the poorest. I call the statistics bogus. How do you get below zero income? These statistics don't count government aid. The studies are flawed. They never include the free money that us worker bees give these drones.

I have heard that the poor are generally poor because they can not find a job. Bogus, most of the chronically poor are that way because they are comfortable living on the dole. An unmarried mother makes about 1500 a month per child in ADC. A man in the household puts the kabash on the money.

The mothers mentioned all have 3-5 children by different fathers usually. It is a lifestyle choice. 50 of babies born now days are to mothers who get government aid.

My friends you working stiffs You are doomed. You are going to be paying for the group that I just mentioned and for your elders who after putting in the same money as you will want their share back in their retirement years.

If you think that I want to starve the children you didn't read the first part of my post. I give humanitarian services away all the time. You need to quit paying mothers to have children who will follow in their parents footsteps. There are choices. We have too many freeloaders. Welfare is not a lifestyle choice!

One more thing then I will shut up. I have heard that the people with food stamps will buy cases of water. Might cost 6 dollars. They turn around and pour the water out and turn the empty bottles back in for 2.40. That buys a 40 oz container of beer. A nice buzz for their 6 dollars of free money.
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“The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those that speak it.” George Orwell

“Before a standing army can rule, the people must be disarmed; as they are in almost every kingdom in Europe.

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